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CI (Corporate Identity)

Nickname "Houterasu"

Japan Legal Support Center

"Houterasu" is a coined word meaning to "shine light" into the anxiety of the minds of the users by showing the path to the solution through legal means.
It also contains our hope to provide worried people a place where they can feel comfortable (like a "terrace" where the sun shines through and people can relax).



The umbrella of the sun expresses our wish to shine light and protect the people seeking advice, allowing them to proceed without hesitation the pathway to resolving their legal disputes or worries.
We drew the logo with a childlike touch to purge the general perception of "law" as being somber and solemn, and instead convey a sense of affinity and brightness. The umbrella of the law also refers to how someone might hold out an umbrella when a person is getting wet in the rain.

The JLSC's Day

April 10

We mark April 10 as "The JLSC's Day" every year to commemorate the establishment of the corporation.
Various events are held in many parts of Japan on the JLSC's Day.

Our catch phrase
"The JLSC, the guidepost for you who are lost"

You don't know whether or not a problem at hand is a legal one,or how to solve it.That is when you should give the JLSC a call.The JLSC will become the guidepost for you who are lost.

What is the JLSC?