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Civil Legal Aid

Civil Legal Aid provides supports for people having financial difficulties when they get into legal trouble. The people include Japanese citizens and foreign nationals lawfully residing in Japan[i]. Civil Legal Aid is available for any and all civil cases, domestic relations cases, or administrative cases to be dealt in civil procedures. However, this aid does not cover legal matters concerning criminal cases.

To be eligible to receive support of JLSC, it is required to meet all the following conditions.

  1. The financial resources of the applicant fall below a certain amount
    Spouse's income and assets will be added except in a case of a dispute between husband and wife.
    1. - The earned income, etc. fall below certain amount
    2. - The assets fall below certain amount
  2. Possibility of successful result of the court procedure
  3. Consistency with the purpose of Civil Legal Aid

income below a certain amount

[i]Upon enactment of the Act for Implementation of the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, in certain cases, a person who is a citizen of the contracting states of the convention or holds his/her habitual residence in such states would be deemed as a citizen under the Comprehensive Legal Support Act.the Hague Convention

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