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Goals and Operations


The Japan Legal Support Center, also known as "The JLSC" is a public corporation established according to the frameworks of an Incorporated Administrative agencies under the Comprehensive Legal Support Act (promulgated on June 2, 2004). The mission of the JLSC is to promptly and properly implement operations related to comprehensive legal support (Article 14 of the Comprehensive Legal Support Law).
With the aim of creating a society where necessary information and services for legal solutions of disputes on both civil and criminal are universally available throughout Japan, The JLSC facilitates the use of the court and legal system for the legal resolution of disputes and promptly, properly and effectively manage operations that provide comprehensive assistance for citizens to readily access services offered by attorneys at law , legal professional corporations and judicial scriveners as well as other related legal experts and specialists (parties or persons who are not attorneys at law or legal professional corporations but who are authorized to engage in the practice of handling other persons' legal affairs based on laws ; The same shall apply hereinafter).




The JLSC takes inquiries on all legal issues (even if you are uncertain whether it is a legal issue).

Provision of legal information and services

We will provide information on legal paths relevant to your inquiry and will refer you to pertinent organizations that offer a more specialized service, as well as services provided by the JLSC.


We will act as an intermediary in partnership and through cooperation with national government and local governments, local bar associations, judicial scriveners associations and other various specialized consulting organizations, to enable you to resolve your issues properly.

What is the JLSC?